CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - USA - - 64 - Christian Fletcher Executive Director Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation Marble Falls, Texas has garnered more than its share of press and praise over the years, but the community located about an hour upstream of Austin on the Colorado River still feels somewhat undiscovered. People who know the area tend to love it, but many (if not most) are protective of the postcard-pretty town admired for its rolling terrain, holiday cheer, and Pie Happy Hour. Christian Fletcher, Executive Director of the Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation since 2011, counts himself as one of the town’s biggest fans. “It’s really rare to find a town that has as much character and charm as Marble Falls,” says Fletcher, “especially when you consider how close we are to Austin and San Antonio and how much growth and development has occurred over the last decade or so. We’re expanding housing opportunities to complement a great arts scene, wineries, golf, state parks, you name it. The Texas Hill Country is the place to be.” Fletcher and his wife, Kathy, grew up in Marble Falls and returned home to raise their two sons around all four of their grandparents, as well as numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, and long-time family friends. Deep roots are common but not required in Marble Falls. “I love how open the community is. If you are cool and love our town and enjoy giving back, you are welcome here.” One of Fletcher’s favorite ways of showcasing the community’s philanthropy occurs four times a year at the 100 Man Give a Damn gathering at Save the World Brewing Company. At each event, three randomly-selected nonprofit organizations make their pitches for funding in a friendly Shark-Tank environment. The 100 or so men in attendance vote by secret ballot, and the winner receives a $100 check from everyone present, good for roughly $10,000. Fletcher enjoys introducing new people—both donors and recipients—to the event. “We have such a wealth of talent and resources in our area; it would be a shame if we were not able to make some connections between those who have and those who need.” The EDC board that Fletcher reports to is filled with connectors. By trade, they are builders, developers, non-profit executives, and smallbusiness owners, but each of them serves on other boards and commissions that support initiatives that are important to the region as a whole. Fletcher notes that they are always looking for ways to make impacts, and their deep roots help. All seven board members are part of at least three generations in the community. “Marble Falls is so fortunate to have leaders who are both pro-growth and protective at the same time,” Fletcher says. “Our board defines

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