CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

- 28 - CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - USA - Driven by our passion for patients, we are laserfocused on quality, process improvement, advanced technology and employee development to ensure we continue to exceed customer expectations. disruption resulting in widespread shortages. To address this, we ask ourselves where we can enhance our portfolio and remain the preferred and trusted provider for our clients. To further alleviate customer concerns, we proactively hire top talent from diverse backgrounds and extensive scientific knowledge to bring new ideas and perspectives that can coalesce within the biotechnology and life science industry. Another pain point for our customers is the growing digital divide between technology and humans. We stay ahead by integrating new technologies, acclimating our internal systems through early adoption, and equipping our employees with the necessary training to use them effectively. All industries have faced labor complexities in recent years, and we have addressed this head on by investing in upskilling our workforce and onboarding digital tools, big data and AI to maximize workflow productivity and prepare for the future. As the patient is our priority, we will continue to expand our patient-centric portfolio to meet the accelerated go-tomarket timelines and support any clinical trial distribution model from traditional to decentralized, hybrid, virtual – and future models not yet designed. Is there a particular achievement you are most proud of from your period as President? Absolutely - I am extremely proud of how we consistently come together as one team with a clear mission to accomplish our goals and meet industry demand no matter the obstacle. In the life sciences industry, where groundbreaking advances are constantly emerging, our team at Marken has been at the forefront of logistics innovation, delivering novel scientific discoveries to patients across the globe. And this is only the beginning. As we continue to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of medicine, including cell and gene therapies, mRNA treatments, personalized cancer vaccines and other new technologies, our team has responded with agility and speed, enabling us to move these medicines with unprecedented efficiency. Over the past several years, our global leadership team worked tirelessly to adjust our supply chain rapidly, allowing for clinical trials to be completed in record time - sometimes as little as 100 days. We scaled our volumes over 80%, significantly expanding our network and services including in-house dry ice manufacturing. We supported roughly 150 Covid-19 vaccines and treatments including the implementation of one vaccine program in less than eight weeks, as well as onboarded more over 100 new clients in less than three months. When close to 80% of clinical trials were interrupted and patients could not travel, we focused on patient-centric approaches, delivering medicines directly to the home and accommodating the growing demand for at-home nursing services to administer medicines or collect samples. Since 2019 we have increased our patientcentric services (PCS) coverage more than 300% as today, we offer direct-to-patient services in more than 80 countries and home healthcare in 69 countries. What was the most difficult decision you have made in your career thus far? As President, I face new challenges constantly with each exhibiting its own distinct set of difficulties – so I don’t think

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