CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

- 11 - CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - POLAND - People who played the original games years ago often look at them nostalgically today. With remakes, usually the biggest challenge is to recreate the romantic vision of how the game was back then with great respect, preserving its atmosphere and history, but in an attractive way for current times. With Layers of Fear we tried to not just remake two games but create a new story which will connect both universes created by us in the first and second parts of LOF. We are also, as always, trying to reflect the actual vibes of 2023. So players will be able to find all the experiences of the last few years (like the pandemic, war, crises etc.), hidden of course between different layers. What new additions can returning players expect to see in the game’s full release? In Layers of Fear there will be new gameplay mechanics, new storylines and a new chapter – there will be a lot of new content. The most important, however, is the totally new experience. We cannot just say that we have created a ‘final edition’ of the game. It is really a new experience. Not just for new customers, but for everyone. Can you tell us anything about how your new collaboration with Konami came about? We have wanted to make a game set in the SILENT HILL universe for a long time. At the Image Credit: Tomasz Gotfryd

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