CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

- 12 - CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - POLAND - the best ‘horror house’ in the world, so every single project is a big step towards this achievement. To look at things through a more personal lens, how have you seen your own career and skills develop over the past year? The company has changed a lot during the last few years. I do not think it could have happened without my own personal re-definition. I am definitely focusing much more on high-level and strategic thinking now. I understand that my first priority is to not disturb my team. I have to be when they need me, but give them my trust and a clear vision for the future. I have heard it said (and it pleased me very much) that many gaming companies have ideas but Bloober have much more in the way of clear strategy and plans. This judgement satisfies me. These achievements would not have been reached without the amazing people who are working with me. I am trying to listen to them and learn from them every day. I think that this should be the strategy of any CEO who wishes to take care of their company and not their own ego. Are there any wider trends in the gaming beginning, it was more our dream than a workable goal, but even then we tried to gain the trust of the Japanese giant. Finally, after many meetings, in 2019 Konami invited us to the Tokyo Games Show, where we were asked to prepare our own concept for the remake of the second part of the series. Of course, talks were also held with other studios from around the world, but in the end it was our concept that was chosen. We have been appreciated for the commitment and passion with which we approach horror. It is a great honour for us. Cooperation with this Japanese giant has also helped us to understand that it is not just the final goal that is important but also the way in which we are moving towards this goal. It is a different mindset compared to the western industry. I think that our DNA is much more mature and unique for this. For the whole company, this experience is definitely much more important than a common project. Is there anything else that you can share with us about Bloober Team’s current projects? Currently, the company is working on two large productions: SILENT HILL 2 together with Konami and Project C – a game of our own IP in cooperation with Private Division (Take-Two Interactive). In addition to the two main titles, Bloober is also cooperating with Anshar Studios in the production of Layers of Fears, Draw Distance in Project M and Rogue Games in Project F. We also go beyond the gaming industry; together with Platige Image we are creating a series based on The Medium. Our goal is to become I have a quite rebellious soul and every time shareholders or investors ask me to follow a new trend, I ask: “Why?” As I have said before, the CEO is no-one without the right people.

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