CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

- 10 - CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - POLAND - We do not want to just be the best in our niche; our goal is to set milestones for the whole industry. There have been a lot of developments for Bloober Team since our conversation in the CEO Global Awards 2022. As we are well into a new year at the time of this conversation, how would you describe your outlook for the future? It is true that 2022 was extremely intense for us. As I mentioned earlier, we entered the new year with an updated strategy and started a new stage in the company: Bloober 3.0. By 2027 we want to be the leader in the horror genre, so our plans are definitely ambitious. We always set ourselves high goals, but those that we are realistically able to achieve. We have just moved into the new office with a team of almost 230 people. This team is made up of people from different countries with different skills, cultures and needs. My role for the coming years is to make sure that everyone understood where we are going. I do not want to create a company for the next 5-10 years, but for a much longer time. The average lifetime of the gaming development company is 11 years and 3 months. We would like to last for many decades – and not just exist, but create the future of our genre. How has the team’s experience since the original 2016 release affected their approach to the remastering of Layers of Fears? We have grown as a company. From the small team of 20 people in 2015 we have grown to almost 230 in 2023! But it is not about quantity over quality. It was also the reason why we decided to go back to our first horror story and create it again with a new formula. Getting back to the franchise fans loved shows our maturity as a company. The new game will be our series’ crowning work with new gameplay mechanics, new storylines etc. Many times our testers were surprised with how many new things they found, even having spent many hours playing the original game in 2016. It can be difficult for video game remakes to strike a balance between accommodating long-time fans and drawing a new audience. How are Bloober Team working to attract new players to the series? True, keeping this balance is very hard.

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