CEO Today Global Awards 2022

am a rebellious optimist motivated by passionate impatience and righteous anger. I am passionate about the need for change in the world. I am impatient for that change to happen. I am angry that the people who are out there trying to make a difference are often the least well rewarded and valued. I began my career in the Westminster Parliament. There I learnt about the corridors of power; how deals were made in smokefilled rooms and that the ability to communicate is THE core skill required to truly make a difference and create change. I dedicated 20+ years to helping people, organisations and brands to communicate better through campaigning, PR, advertising and marketing. I co-founded one of London’s most successful independent communications consultancies and advised some of the largest companies and charities in the world from UNICEF to Avon, from Kellogg’s to Variety. I supported fledging space missions and incredible start-ups like Starling Bank. But that passionate impatience and righteous anger was unabated! And so, in 2019, I started Actually. We work exclusively with purposeled business owners and coaches – people who want to create change and make a decent living and who often struggle with the false belief that you have to choose between profit and purpose. 54 www. ceotodaymagazine . com CEO Today Gl oba l Awa rds 202 2 Founde r, ACTUALLY Sara Price I W W W . A C T U A L L Y . W O R L D ACTUALLY

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