CEO Today Global Awards 2022

We help our clients to build the right foundations for their businesses and their marketing – making sure that they have the right building blocks in place to create sustainable businesses and marketing that works. We help them to uncover their marketing superpowers so that they can craft an approach to communications that works for them, feels comfortable and authentic AND attracts their ideal clients. And we support them as they break through the obstacles, the limiting beliefs and the mindset barriers installed by a cultural paradigm that values competition over collaboration and tells them that ‘doing good’ should be its own reward. In three years, through a combination of training, consultancy, coaching and community, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and coaches to build successful businesses that fulfil them and make a real difference. And there is so much more to come: a podcast, a magazine, a marketplace and more. Watch this space! OUR PASSION IS FOR PURPOSE We want to change the world. Imagine a world in which every business is driven by purpose and every business owner knows, with absolute certainty, that they can make a great living AND make a difference. To achieve that, we need to demonstrate that purpose-led businesses are commercially viable. That it’s possible to do good and do good business. And we need to break down the barriers – social and commercial – that hold impact business owners back from achieving their dreams. That’s why we are on a to help purpose-led business owners to use great marketing and smart business strategy to succeed, to enhance their impact and to shout about their success. Why? Because that’s how, together, we can ACTUALLY change the world. LET’S ACTUALLY CHANGE THE WORLD 55 www. ceotodaymagazine . com Uni ted Kingdom “Sara’s energy and dynamism are impressive and she is an excellent trainer - informative, intelligent, witty and generous with her information.” Dr Jane Lewis, Coach.

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