CEO Today Global Awards 2022

gor Melnikov is the winner of the CEO Global Awards for the second year in a row. Undoubtedly, the role of the CEO in the development of the company is a key one. But, ARNA GenomicsTM has two fullfledged co-founders and today’s success, with the effective work of the team, is the result of their joint work and mutual understanding. A group of like-minded people, experts and professionals, participated in the creation of ARNA GenomicsTM. There was a pull of challenge in the mission statement that encouraged people to invest their skills, time, and resources only in things that were worthwhile and important. In 2013, Egor Melnikov concluded that the impressive results achieved by Anatoly Melnikov, his father (inventor, head of research and development in the field of molecular biology and genetics), should go beyond the laboratory. Biotech projects need both a solid scientific foundation and a good business channel. By that time, Egor Melnikov had already launched several successful startups in the field of international logistics and information technology. His friend, George Nikitin (co-founder, COO), who has a master’s degree in applied physics with honors and extensive technical and managerial experience, joined the project. Egor Melnikov tells - “We met on September 1, 1988 at a school line in our hometown of Pushchino - we went to 1st grade V together. “You are Egor, I am Egor1, let’s be friends with you,”- we said to each other. Today we have been friends for 34 years and have been developing the ARNA GenomicsTM project for almost 10 years.” Long-term friendship, trust and the ability to organise the process of joint activities became the basis for a startup founded by me, my father and George. Of course, there are other co-founders, because many wonderful people began to support us at a certain point in the development of a startup, but today we are talking about the role of a co-founder. It so happened that during the periods of an early start-up and building a young company, George became indispensable thanks to extraordinary thinking, colossal versatile experience and a proactive position. Here are a list of key areas that George has led or participated in, which put him on a strong track for co-founder: George successfully combines his work as a member of the Board of Directors with the position of Operations and Technical Director (COO/CTO). Among other things, under the direct supervision of George, the entire internal software of the company is being developed, namely the Laboratory Information System (LIMS), as well as tools for biostatistical analysis and processing of experimental data (data science) obtained during the test. George is also involved in the automation and robotisation of the test, which is carried out by our other partner and colleague, Vladimir Savanovich. In addition to the above functionality, George fully administers the entire technical stack of the company - mail and file servers, telephony, network infrastructure, etc. Full trust from the co-founders who share the values of cooperation, who can agree on a code of rules and principles for separating zones of responsibilities, who provide support and assistance in solving any important task - this is what makes such a partner indispensable in building a startup “brick-by-brick” and its further development. 53 www. ceotodaymagazine . com Russ ia Co -Founder, ARNA GenomicsTM Egor Me lnikov, CEO, ta lks about hi s par tne r, chi l dhood f r i end and s c i ent i s t : George Nikitin E Long-term friendship, trust and the ability to organise the process of joint activities became the basis for a startup founded by me, my father and George. W W W . A R N A . B I O

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