CEO Today Global Awards 2022

ARNA GenomicsTM specialization lies in the field of oncology diagnostic using liquid biopsy. ARNA GenomicsTM develops tests for early stage cancer by detecting specific fragments of nucleic acids in plasma. “ARNA GenomicsTM way” is completely different from the works the others do. ARNA GenomicsTM is focused on BC test systems because BC has a very high mortality rate among women - 15% of all fatal cancer cases. Every year more than 2 million new cases are registered. This is dramatic statistics. Oncologists are aware that this form of cancer includes dozens subtypes and timely detection is difficult when traditional methods are used. Early detection and right treatment result in 90% survival. ARNA GenomicsTM strategy is to localize IP in a parent company and submit exclusive rights and licenses to hospitals and clinical laboratories through Joint Ventures in Europe, US, China, South Korea, India and other markets. The technology can be easily and conveniently implemented due to our highly automated human-error-free solutions. We aim to reach about 1 million tests on the beginning of sales. One test takes a time about 4 hours. 1George and Egor are homonyms. GEORGE NIKITIN, Co-Founder 52 www. ceotodaymagazine . com CEO Today Gl oba l Awa rds 202 2 ARNA Genomi c sTM US Inc .

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