CEO Today Global Awards 2022

ame a less digital and innovative industry than commercial lines insurance business. That’s challenging? Well, that’s what Thinksurance has been dealing with for the last six years. Founded in 2015 with the mission to (r)evolutionize the market for commercial and industrial insurance, the European scaleup already made up on this promise. Thinksurance offers a marketplace for commercial lines connecting insurance distributors and insurers on one platform. Leveraging the power of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, it’s as easy as never before for distributors such as brokers or agents to consult their corporate clients regarding the best possible coverage. Insurers benefit from a broad market coverage and Data Insights they can use to develop new and advanced insurance products. With this compelling business model, Thinksurance is already market-leading in Germany and thus currently working on broadening its impact towards other European countries, i.e., France where the scaleup opened its first international office in 2021. The key to success is the company’s partner-oriented mindset: Unlike other insurtechs, Thinksurance was one of the first technology companies to unite all parties involved—insurers and distributors as well as their front- and back-offices and the end customers. Even within insurance companies, the platform integrates the various stakeholders (e.g., underwriters, sales staff, actuaries, etc.). This does not only mean that Thinksurance reinvents everyone’s singular work steps, it also considers and reinvents the whole value chain with the help of technology. The driving force behind this is Florian Brokamp, co-founder and CEO of Thinksurance. Together with his co-founders, over the last years, he set the cornerstones of this one-of-a-kind company. In a fast-growing and young company that means a constant change of topics. May it be the overall strategic planning for the upcoming year or the next five years, the technological innovations Thinksurance wants to bring to the market, the partnerships the company will aim at, the countries to enter next or the development of Thinksurance’s first-class team and culture—Florian’s footprint can be seen and felt throughout the whole company. That’s what makes him special. He is in it to build a long-term company that’s not driven by short-term results but by a bias for action leading to new ways of how commercial and industrial insurance is thought about. One essential pillar to achieve this is Thinksurance’s family-like culture which Florian drives every day as a role model. This becomes more and more important as the staff has doubled within the last twelve months. Thanks to him, people are put first and their personal, as well as their team development, continues to be a priority. In addition, he radiates and conveys confidence, leadership, and strength to every employee and thus ensures that Thinksurance stands together not only as a team but also as a company. As a proven expert in digital strategies, he is the mastermind behind Thinksurance’s growth. On the one hand, he’s currently driving international expansion: Which countries will come next and in what sequence? What team do we need locally versus in the headquarters? What is the local go-to-market strategy to adapt to the respective country? On the other hand, he is still strongly involved with the home market Germany. Together with his team, he is working to amplify the impact Thinksurance’s solutions already have on the German market to consolidate its competitive advantage technology- and popularity-wise. With the experience of digitally accompanying and analyzing more than one million risks, Florian and Thinksurance will take the next step in 2022 to enable maximum scaling. In 2022, Thinksurance will face a major relaunch of its platform, which will open up further numerous opportunities for all market participants to leverage open potential in commercial and industrial insurance. Its potential is enormous and so are the business options that get along with it. And Florian will act on them—in the name of Thinksurance and its employees’ success. 51 www. ceotodaymagaine . com Germany Co -Founde r & CEO, Thinksuranc e Florian Brokamp N Together with his cofounders, over the last years, he set the cornerstones of this oneof-a-kind company. W W W . T H I N K S U R A N C E . D E

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