CEO Today Global Awards 2022

Florian Brokamp is a young entrepreneur and compassionate founder. He loves to develop his company and his team, which have both become an essential part of his life. After finalizing his studies both in law and business administration – two separate degrees in parallel – he started his career as Top-Management consultant at McKinsey & Company. While spending his time on digital projects, he developed his enthusiasm about new technologies. Blessed with a high level of energy and driven to accomplish something significant, he founded his first start-up in 2015 – Thinksurance. Florian as CEO has not only a major impact on shaping the business model since the early days, but also maintains the family-like culture. His team names positivity, commitment, and openness as his main personal traits. On top of that, he has proven creativity by developing new business lines. A large share of the company’s total revenue comes from their Data Analytics products, which have been originally invented by Florian on a napkin during a lunch break. This napkin has changed the way insurers calculate their prices and do their market research for commercial insurances. After starting with one co-founder and a first employee in a small room where he could write all to-dos of the company on one board, in 2020 the company reached its first 100 employees. In his private life, Florian is a passionate tennis player and cross-fitter. Furthermore, he loves to be around people, listen to music and to enjoy his life with a smile – as someone raised in a wine region, of course also with a glass of wine. He has been active in several voluntary activities over the years, from helping social entrepreneurs or giving scholarships for students to co-leading the board of a local tennis club. Recently, he started to pass on knowledge to young founders as a business angel helping them to build their business. Thinksurance is the leading B2B insurtech for commercial insurance consultation in Germany. On its platform, it connects insurers and distributors from several sales channels as well as business customers. That revolutionizes the way how commercial insurances are consulted. The company’s technology solution covers the full consultation journey: from customer needs and risk assessment to contract closing and policy issuance leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence. To learn more, please visit: 50 www. ceotodaymagaine . com CEO Today Gl oba l Awa rds 202 2 Fl or i an Brokamp THINKSURANCE

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