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Since 2009, CEO Today has partnered with business leaders globally—from FTSE100 and NASDAQ-listed companies to innovative private enterprises—helping them forge brighter futures, expand their businesses, and achieve unparalleled success, all while positively impacting our communities.

Our team, composed of brilliant minds and impassioned professionals, relentlessly shapes the future by delivering authentic stories, breaking news, comprehensive reports, and insightful business analyses. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

Our Reach:

  • In 146 countries and territories
  • Across 6 Continents
  • Serving over 80% of Fortune 500 companies


Creating meaningful impact and results. CEO Today reaches over 1M+ global individuals with real-time business insights. Our offerings include features, reports, news, interviews, awards, and recognitions, accessible online, on mobile, and in print. We collaborate with established brands, market leaders, start-ups, entrepreneurs, governments, and non-profits across 6 continents.


Our purpose at CEO Today is to create impactful changes. We focus on fostering equity, sustainability, and purposeful innovation in all our endeavors. We aim to drive transformation in business and culture by providing knowledge, information, connections, and inspiration.

Market Leadership CEO Today strives to be the foremost provider of business insights for global leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives. We are dedicated to fostering opportunity, diversity, equality, empathy, and building a sustainable world.

Upholding Integrity At CEO Today, we build trust and clarity in all our interactions. We are committed to ethical, sustainable practices, upholding these core values at the heart of everything we do.


CEO Today is a global entity, shaped by those before us and those who follow. We value equality, inclusivity, respect, fairness, kindness, and well-being—core principles that define our team and partnerships.


Since 2009, Universal Media has been a leader in online publishing, with corporate governance being a key aspect of our operations. We emphasize transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct, essential in building trust with our clients, collaborators, stakeholders, and investors, ensuring our long-term success.


At CEO Today, we prioritize our clients, aiming for their growth and success alongside ours. We are committed to being recognized for making a significant impact on our clients.


Celebrating its 10th year, the CEO Today Global Awards acknowledge excellence in business leadership worldwide. The awards spotlight well-managed companies that demonstrate strong returns and growth through technology investment, customer-centric approaches, sustainability, innovation, and inspiration.

The awards honor outstanding business talent through a detailed qualification and judging process, considering overall business performance, operational excellence, strategy, and human resource processes.

Previous winners include leading global companies and influential business leaders, showcasing their contributions to various industries. Previous winners; Ceuta Group, IBM, Steel Dynamics, Inc., Central, Bank of Seychelles, TotalEnergies and more.

CEO Today Global Awards 2023 were proud and honoured to work with and to feature a world exclusive interview with the excellent Piotr Babieno – CEO & Co-Founder of Bloober Team SA the Polish game development studio renowned for creating unique and captivating psychological horror games that truly distinguish themselves in the industry. Piotr graced the front-page cover of the 2023 edition and engaged in a compelling four-page interview for our exclusive CEO Global Awards – winners edition.

View the full 2023 list here


To qualify for the 2024 CEO Today Global Awards, companies must:

  • Operate for at least two years
  • Meet specific revenue and growth benchmarks
  • Demonstrate exceptional business practices and innovation

The CEO Today Global Awards may, at its discretion, disqualify any entry for any reason.


Winning the CEO Today Global Award brings numerous advantages, including:

  • A benchmark of global business success
  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Increased visibility with investors and stakeholders
  • Positive impact on employee engagement
  • Extensive media exposure
  • Valuable networking opportunities


Who should apply?

Eligible are private companies and public companies traded on various exchanges. For more details, contact the Awards Manager and Global Coordinator.

Is there an application fee?

No, application is free.

What determines eligibility?

Eligibility is based on applications submitted to CEO Today and researched by Universal Media, using comprehensive databases.

What happens if I win?

Winners are notified via email and phone call, and invited to join the exclusive CEO Today Global Awards – Winners’ edition for 2024.

What is the CEO Today Global Awards – Winners’ edition for 2024?

It’s a special publication, in both hard copy and digital format, featuring the winners and their firms. Winners can submit a biography or participate in an editorial Q&A interview.

Can I include my photo in the Awards edition?

Yes, photos can be included in all profile options.

Can I be featured on the front cover?

There is limited space for the front cover feature. Interested parties should contact the awards team.

Will I receive a physical award?

Absolutely, we will be in touch regrading your trophy and certificate.

Who will see the CEO Today Global Awards – Winners’ edition for 2024?

Over 1M+ people worldwide. The edition is printed in hard copy and produced as a digital magazine. The edition is distributed and hosted online at www.ceotodaymagazine.com and will be marketed across all major social media platforms.

Can I enter someone who is not a CEO or enter as a non-CEO?

Yes, the awards recognise excellence in business leadership for CEOs, C-suite, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, thought leaders, disruptors and those that have created and inspired.

Winning a CEO Today Award can help companies and individuals in many different ways. No matter how it adds value to you, the benefits will continue long after you’ve received the award, just ask our previous winners’.