CEO Today Global Awards 2024

Each year, the CEO Today Global Awards recognise strong and innovative leadership amongst the most inspiring and innovative CEOs and business leaders across the globe.

In a year marked by high inflation, escalating geopolitical tensions, and widespread conflict, the most resourceful and flexible CEOs have demonstrated remarkable strength, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to triumph. These challenging times have not only tested but also honed their leadership abilities. CEO Today Magazine, having closely collaborated with and highlighted the journeys of some of the most accomplished and esteemed business leaders, is in a unique position to acknowledge and celebrate those CEOs. Through their interviews with company leaders from diverse regions and sectors, CEO Today Magazine has gained a comprehensive perspective on leadership excellence. This positions them perfectly to honor CEOs who have not only navigated but also thrived amidst these adversities, revolutionizing their industries and driving their companies towards unprecedented levels of innovation and growth.

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Caroline Abel - 2023 Winner

Governor, Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS)

Given the small size of our institution and the remoteness of our islands, such global recognition should also inspire the team to keep persevering, remain resilient and stay focused on achieving our mandated goals and objectives to uphold the institution’s credibility for the betterment of our economy and the country. - View in Edition » View Profile
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Theresa E. Wagler - 2023 Winner

Steel Dynamics, Inc.

Theresa is proud and thankful to be a part of an organization that echoes her strong belief in the necessity and obligation to “give back” with both personal time and finances. - View in Edition » View Profile
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Sergio Giorgi - 2023 Winner


I always look for ways of expanding my vision. I learn from other peers, other industries and even from those who want to disrupt our business. I am okay with failure provided we fail quick and safely and we learn from mistakes. - View in Edition » View Profile
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Edwin Bessant - 2023 Winner

Ceuta Group

There is no point in taking your business forward if you don’t take your people with you. Our people and our values have been the backbone of our business from day one, allowing us to develop a winning culture based on our passion for the brands we support and our commitment to achieving nothing less than the best for our clients. - View in Edition » View Profile
2024 Awards Published Soon
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