CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

- 71 - Gabriel Vicente Valencia Founder, One Day Installation and Repairs A son to immigrants from Mexico, Gabriel Vicente Valencia was not shy to pursue his dreams and to start his own construction company back in 2007. Life struggles from early years, like helping parents to put food on the table and make ends meet, had instilled in him the desire to be his own boss, and dream of success, stability, and freedom. At first, he remembers with a sigh, it was very hard to keep going. He recalls working long hours and being always worried about how he would pay his employees. He says: “Waiting for 30 days to get paid (by clients) was an eternity!” It was really a challenge, but hard work paid off! Now the business is stable, and each year more clients are being added. Since 2007 the company has been offering carpentry/casework services along with the furniture installation/re-installation for universities, hospitals, and private companies. Over the last 10 years the company has moved from being a specialty contractor to a general contractor and construction management. As a general contractor Gabriel has taken on a variety of scopes - Fencing, Audio/Video, Elevators, Concrete, Drywall/Insulation, Asbestos Abatement, Demolition, etc. And the company has licenses to self-perform Carpentry/Casework, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Painting. In 2017, One Day Installation and Repairs joined several unions as it is very important to Gabriel that his employees have a good wage and benefits to support their families. He continues to train and motivate his employees, and teaches them to always look forward, and during difficult times – take one step at a time. Happy employees put more attention to work, and the result is - better quality! For those that are just starting a company, Gabriel advises to get accounting and financial council first. He also cautions about growing too fast, and the need to control one’s growth. “You need to prepare yourself and the company for scaling, don’t rush into it!” CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - USA -

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