CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 54 - SteveWilson Founder First Aid Associates First aid training is useful at any time, not just in the workplace, and is a vitally important skill that everyone should take the time to learn in case of emergencies across a variety of situations. First Aid Associates can provide those skills. First Aid Associates is focused on teaching first aid, and now mental health first aid, to the highest of standards. The need for first aid could arise at any moment, being prepared for a situation gives the first aider the best chance helping a casualty and hopefully saving a life. Courses range from a two-hour Basic Life Support to a full three-day First Aid at Work, to ensure that every delegate can learn the necessary skills to help those around them when they are most in need. First Aid Associates also provides a range of specialist courses, such as Immediate Trauma Care to Medical Gases. They have also introduced First Aid for Mental Health courses in response to demand from customers after the push to improve mental health in the workplace. First Aid Associates stands out from other first aid training providers in its flexibility and ability to work with and around the customer. First Aid Associates deliver only the most up-to-date and correct information relating to first aid techniques, ensuring customers can feel confident in their own ability. First Aid Associates also offers medical cover for events from short 5k runs to ultramarathons, small music festivals to street fairs. Providing this type of event cover not only provides clients with excellent first aid services, but it enhances the training provided by practising what it preaches. First aid training is a legal requirement for every workplace in the country, therefore our customers range from primary and secondary schools to engineering firms, GP and dental surgeries to music festivals. First aid qualifications need to be renewed every three years, and with events taking place on a yearly basis, the business benefits from a steady stream of repeat business and referrals. Since the deregulation of first aid training a few years ago, more people have started “teaching” first aid at a much lower quality than that of First Aid Associates. By undertaking continuous professional development allows us to stay abreast of any developments in the medical and first aid communities, customers can then be sure that First Aid Associates deliver the highest quality of first aid and mental health training as well as medical cover at their event.

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