CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - TURKEY - Dr. Asli Samanci Founder BEE&YOU Dr. Asli Samanci is a renowned, awardwinning food scientist committed to creating natural and healthy products. Dr. Samanci graduated from the Department of Food Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 1996 and received her Master of Science degree from the same university in 2006. Her thesis involved research on the determination of honey origin. In 2013, she initiated establishing her own company after solving her 5-year-old son’s immune system problem with her developed propolis extract. She founded the company at the Istanbul Technical University Technology Development Area with her husband, Mr. Taylan Samanci, an agricultural engineer, and Prof. Dr. Dilek Boyacioglu, an academician at the Food Engineering Department of ITU. Consequently, she started producing propolis and other bee products for the first time in Turkey through a Contracted Beekeeping Business Model. Dr. Asli Samanci has over 20 years of experience in bee products and an MBA degree focusing on international marketing strategies. Mrs. Samanci earned her Ph.D. degree in Biology in 2021 with a dissertation on skin cream development using bee venom and other bee products. She is General Manager and Co-Founder of SBS and sells her unique products worldwide under the brand name BEE&YOU. Dr. Asli Samanci - 38 -

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