CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - AUSTRIA - - 34 - Günter Grabher President and CEO Grabher Group GmbH Günter Grabher is the founder and CEO of the Grabher Group GmbH. In the last 28 years he has founded more than 10 companies, is a cofounder of several start-up companies and is the owner of one of the leading smart textiles research institutes. In his capacity as President and CEO, he has placed great value in the almost three decades where his companies have been technology leaders in their fields, and continues working to expand them. The focus of his various companies lies in the high-tech fields of technical smarttextiles, lightweight fiber composite materials and nano-plasma technologies for textiles. In his business development strategy, Günter places particular emphasis on building business partner relationships and collaborations with other technology firms. The division of business activities plays a major role in the risk management. The products and services of the Grabher Group are used in the medical and health sector, filter and membrane technologies, new battery systems, sustainable concrete construction, lightweight aircraft and car construction and circular economy technologies. Email: GRABHER GROUP What was your company highlight in the last year, and what can we expect from you this year? Last year’s highlight was the founding of two new start-ups with 24sens GmbH, a medical company for the prediction of heart attacks and strokes with smart-textiles sensors. Basalt+ GmbH has also developed a new technology to reduce the Co2 footprint of cement by 70% with basalt reinforcement. Our R&D team has taken a major step in developing on a saltwater battery with 3D textile electrodes that will revolutionise energy storage systems in the coming year. What are your priorities for the future, and what does this award mean to you? The circular economy will be one of the most important topics of the future. Our smart textiles technologies will play a major role in this. This award is a great confirmation that we are on a successful path for the future and gives us a lot of power for further cooperation and research activities.

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