CEO Today - Global Awards 2023

- 24 - CEO Today Global Awards 2023 - UGANDA - plan, budget, quality control process and documentation of operations performed. I am passionate about building and sustaining beneficial synergies, relationships and strategic partnerships through a balanced score of mutual benefit between and among stakeholders. We also know that meeting our clients’ and partners’ strategic goals and objectives is essential to the attainment of our own. Is there a piece of advice that you would give to a less experienced executive looking to emulate your success in management? It is necessary to adopt a management style that is driven by vision and a strategic plan, policy, budget, innovation and critical thinking. It is also important to remain professional, reliable, responsible and accountable, and to act with integrity when executing duties. Knowledge and information is power, so keep abreast of emerging technologies. Read; seek new knowledge and skills to enhance performance and productivity. Always remember to involve God. What does this award mean to you? First, I thank the CEO Today team and all those who nominated and voted for me and GEOMIK. This award is an acknowledgement of our contributions to the industry in Uganda, the wider region and beyond. It demonstrates confidence in our work and goes a long way to assure our clients and partners of our valued commitment to the vision. It is also a strategic promise and encouragement to our team that, with consistence and persistence, we can achieve whatever we set to do. Equally, it also means work has just started. I believe the award will inspire young and ambitious Ugandan and African youth to believe in themselves regardless of where they come from. Can you share anything about your plans for the further development of GEO-MIK in 2023? In the short-to-medium term, we will grow GEO-MIK through strategic planning, budgeting, processes, policies and innovation aligned to our vision. We will also integrate and deeply entrench ICT to drive operational processes, workflow and protocols while strengthening the capacity of our human resource function both at operational level and management. To bolter our local and international competitiveness in the industry, we will entrench our services domestically and consolidate new territories but also build and sustain existing synergies and partnerships with local, regional and worldclass industry leaders, governments and international agencies. In addition, we will scale up and domesticate the uptake of our existing geospatial services and products while developing others targeting precision farming and agriculture in general. Agriculture remains the single most important economic activity in Africa, employing a huge working population and contributing a great deal to GDP for many countries. We also like to contribute to a global agenda towards sustainable socially inclusive development which is in line with the SGDs especially goal 9 and 17. Agriculture remains the single most important economic activity in Africa, employing a huge working population and contributing a great deal to GDP for many countries

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