CEO Today - Global Awards 2024

as well. So, I have tried to put together other avenues required for the smooth running of the processes to make my client’s lives easier without wandering far before they get what they need. Thus, I also established the Family Matters Miracle Gift egg donation agency, where I recruit and qualify donors beforehand to support those who are in need of egg donation to achieve their dreams of parenthood. I have established Family Matters Wellness Centre to cater to holistic care of our clients, including their mental health, self-care, and mommy make-over after the birthing journey for every Stella to get her groove back. Your clinic is committed to providing women with accurate and high quality advice surrounding medical care and wellness, do women find it a challenge to receive this care and support surrounding fertility and how has your clinic helped to fill this gap? Infertility is associated with loads of stigma and shame; thus, women and men still find the topic taboo and the experience quite lonely. Family Matters Fertility Centre wants to change that. I thus host open discussions on the different issues surrounding struggling to conceive, and I add authentic insight and a touch of humor to lighten the baby-making topic for easy discussion. I have started a YouTube channel named Family Matters Fertility Centre and Instagram, FaceBook, and TikTok platforms where I give medical education to the public to guide and support them with science-backed knowledge throughout their journey in more colloquial means. How does the work you do supply yourself and colleagues with the relief of knowing women are finding the help they need; can you explain the positive feeling which must come from your work? The work I do as a fertility specialist is not just a job, it’s a miraculous service. It cannot be explained in words the satisfaction and elation that comes from one positive pregnancy test of a couple that has been struggling to conceive, crying and having diminished self-esteem over years. It is not just a sense of achievement that you feel as a doctor; it is also life-saving therapy restoring hope, selfworth, and joy to people in need. How do you promote the confidence in women for them to seek the help they need, what advice would you give to anyone who might need your services? People need to understand that it is a ‘two-man’ job to make a baby and both partners are important in this journey. It really takes two to tango. Making a baby is the one thing on earth that no man nor woman can ever achieve on their own, no matter how superior they may deem themselves to be. This is one part of life where God made strictly sure that we need each other, male and female. We can’t do it on our own, even in cases of single parents, the egg and sperm is needed. In infertility, there is no blame game. Nobody wakes up and chooses to be infertile. So people must also be kinder to themselves and their partners. It is hard enough to struggle to conceive, and the journey ahead requires a strong support system and understanding. Finally, what do you look forward to when running your own clinic, do you have any plans for your business in the future? I look forward to Family Matters spreading its wings to cover other areas of South Africa and the world at large. We have already started servicing clients from other countries like Angola, Mozambique, Congo, etc. We also offer travel IVF for global citizens from the United States and other countries to experience medical tourism. There are agents that assist with housing, touring, transporting, etc., whilst we provide the medical services required. It is a running joke here that people fly into our country anxious and fly out pregnant, having achieved their dreams. We enjoy receiving pictures of their babies at birth and as they grow, and their parents are continually grateful and celebrate with us the gift of life. Being a fertility centre is not just a business; it is a humbling service to mankind. “The work I do as a fertility specialist is not just a job, it’s a miraculous service” CEO Today Global Awards 2024 - SOUTH AFRICA - - 127 -

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