CEO Today - Global Awards 2024

The funny part is that my fertility centre was launched 13 February 2020 which was not only a day before valentines day but a month before the whole world shut down due to covid. Here you are starting a new business. What is amazing to note though is that pending death never quenched peoples desires to become parents. Other people felt if not now then when. You offer an array of services from egg donation to general Gynaecology, why is it important to you to offer all of these services and make sure women have the support from your own fertility clinic? As you provide a service to clients you end up developing a level of rapport and trust with them that they would rather walk this daunting journey with you from start to finish. It is very hard in the first place to trust anybody with your life, then again in this field, your money “Infertility is associated with loads of stigma and shame; thus, women and men still find the topic taboo and the experience quite lonely. Family Matters Fertility Centre wants to change that.” CEO Today Global Awards 2024 - SOUTH AFRICA - - 126 -

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