CEO Today - Global Awards 2024

Qinisile, What was it like for you to go on this journey as the first female to open a fertility clinic and what motivated you to begin? I come from a family of seven children, with myself being number five of seven. I was exposed to poverty but never the lack of children in my environment. I was used to a big family full of noise and drama. In my training as an OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) specialist, I got seriously exposed to the other end of the spectrum, where people struggled to have kids and desperately desired to have children of their own. I understood what they lacked; I understood their need and what they longed for because I had it. I knew what it is like to have siblings, to have children of your own, and the fulfillment it comes with. It always broke my heart to see people cry from infertility, thus I decided I would love to be part of the solution. I would love to walk the journey with them to explore their possibilities and, God willing, assist them in achieving this big dream of parenthood and starting a family. Thus, even our company name is “Family Matters” since we deal with matters of the family because family does matter. As for being the first woman in South Africa to own a Fertility Clinic, that came to me as a surprise recognition only when I had established my Fertility Centre, it was an added bonus as I was only in competition with myself and my dreams. This is a male-dominated field, and the reality is that there are many women who suffer from infertility but are too uncomfortable to discuss it. Thus, I forged through a journey I had never seen modeled by any woman before and strived to provide excellent work that would benefit many who suffered from infertility but were too afraid to face their challenges. Could you expand on your history and what led you into specialising in Gynaecology, what is it about this field that interests you and motivates you to work with what must be some difficult cases at times? I guess I have always been an adrenaline junkie since obstetrics and gynae can be like a wild sport. It requires you to be on the edge, ready to jump to any sudden complication, and pull in the right plug of skill at that critical moment to save a life. In this instant, it is saving two lives in one; the mom and baby. Being a good OBGYN has more Superhero vibes than any other work I know and I believe that the feeling of triumph and endearing outcomes of ushering in new life on earth got me attracted to the field. Then being a fertility specialist is the closest vocation to working alongside God Almighty and miracles every day. Quite humbling and fulfilling is such a calling. Can you tell us about any of the challenges your business has faced and how the fertility clinic has succeeded despite any set back that may have risen? The biggest challenge of starting a business like a fertility clinic is the financial capital required to invest in the equipment and advanced scientific devices required to achieve such specialised, intricate work. I had to start way in advance in researching the requirements and resources required and then outsourcing them one by one to achieve the goal. It took a very deep bite into my pocket and hefty loan acquirements to get this giant business off the ground. Also, coming in as a new kid in the block required a lot of determination and work toward gaining the trust of the people. Clients had to believe that I was equally capable of treating them as well as the long-standing giants of the field, if not better. You have to gain that credibility and prove yourself capable. This is what FMFC has managed to achieve in a short space of time as the service we offer speaks for itself and no greater marketing than that of first-hand experience leading to expansive word of mouth. “It always broke my heart to see people cry from infertility, thus I decided I would love to be part of the solution.” CEO Today Global Awards 2024 - SOUTH AFRICA - - 125 -

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