CEO Today Global Awards 2022

9 www. ceotodaymagazine . com Germany CEO, AnyDe sk Sof tware GmbH Tür l ens t raße 2 , 70191 Stuttgar t , Ge rmany www. anydesk. com Philipp Weiser am Philipp Weiser, CEO of AnyDesk, the remote desktop platform of choice with more than 500.000.000 downloads worldwide. As CEO, my role is constantly changing. In the beginning, it involved focusing on different implementation projects and now it has morphed into focusing on high-level strategy, ensuring continued innovation, and addressing the concerns of my management team. The AnyDesk platform is a lightweight remote desktop application that offers excellent low latency connectivity, enhanced security, and a great UI, all of which has led to our rapid rise, which has proceeded even more quickly as remote working becomes more popular. I

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