CEO Today Global Awards 2022

eading one of the largest global employee benefits and insurance brokerages, Neil Raymond founded Pacific Prime in 2000 with the goal of simplifying insurance. Over the past two decades, he has grown the company into a recognized broker of international private medical insurance that generates annual sales of more than USD $700 million. Neil began his career at Shell International in the Netherlands and is a qualified Chartered Engineer. He graduated from the University of Warwick and the University of Cambridge with an under and post-graduate degree, respectively. He also has an MBA from INSEAD. Based in Hong Kong, Neil travels frequently to meet and support clients across the globe, and engage with the growing number of committed Pacific Prime staff he leads. With its Hong Kong headquarters and offices in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, London, Mexico City, Cebu, and the USA, Pacific Prime has over 700 employee benefits and insurance experts representing 35 different nationalities and over 1 million individual and corporate clients worldwide. Your Global Employee Benefits Specialist Pacific Prime is a leading corporate insurance and global employee benefits specialist with a knack for simplifying insurance. We are proudly renowned for our excellence in providing and advising on corporate solutions to companies of all sizes and industries. Founded in 2000 by Neil Raymond, our brokerage continues to uphold our mission of simplifying insurance for international clients looking for health insurance coverage. Fast forward two decades later and we’re now the 3rd largest employee benefits broker in Asia Pacific after acquiring CXA Group’s brokerage arms in Hong Kong and Singapore. We are also recognized as one of the world’s largest employee benefits and insurance brokers with a broad portfolio of clients including expats, families, international schools, professional services firms, and more. Our global operations in 15 locations (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Cebu, Dublin, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta) and counting allow us to offer a wide range of insurance solutions that transcend regional and global boundaries. Collectively, we manage over USD $700 million in premiums and cover more than 1 million lives. What’s more, our team of over 700 professional insurance experts and staff, speaking more than 28 different languages, helps foster strong, long-term relationships with clients and various stakeholders. We are also a leading distributor formore than 60 insurance companies including BUPA, Allianz, Cigna, TieCare, AXA, Aetna, MSH, CHUBB, and Zurich. In partnership with networks such as the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN), we can extend our reach and provide the desired support and solutions to individuals and companies across various industries. If you’re interested in finding out more about our insurance solutions, please do not hesitate to email us at or visit our website: You can also learn about Pacific Prime’s history, milestones, and achievements by heading to the following link: brokers/our-story/ 83 www. ceotodaymagazine . com Hong Kong L W W W . P A C I F I C P R I M E . C O M

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