CEO Today Global Awards 2022

Smaranda Albeck hen I started our first program in 2002, Rhythmic Dreams, I had a vision and a commitment to see the sport of rhythmic gymnastics grow and become available to all: girls and boys, kids and adults of all abilities. This was my main motivation for creating Boston Rhythmic in 2015 and Remote Rhythmics in 2020 – making this sport available to more people in the Greater Boston Area and beyond! My background in mathematics (MS from Romania, 1990) and management (MBA, MIT, 2001) gave me a solid foundation for creating a strong business with efficient, scalable processes. Over the years we grew beyond any initial plans and became the largest Rhythmic gymnastics school in the country, but I never lost touch with the customer. I love staying close and maintaining the big family atmosphere inside our community. My first commitment is to our students and to the quality of our programs. I love to see the happy kids rushing into the door. I feed off the positive energy of their genuine hugs. I love connecting to our clients on a personal level and maintaining the feel of a “big family” inside our community, where people connect and support each other, learn and grow together. Over the years we have developed one of the most talented andw well-trained staff team in the country. We hire the best, and we continuously develop our staff through our solid training and mentoring programs. I love watching our coaches gently mold the character of our students, guiding them and empowering them to reach beyond what they think is possible. I know our impact on the lives of our students goes way beyond the gym class! We are their second home, we are their bigger family. I am very proud to watch them become confident, successful adults, and to know we did our job well helping them on their journey. Boston Rhythmic is the sister school of Rhythmic Dreams, which was founded in 2002 by executive director Smaranda Albeck. Boston Rhythmic Watertown was founded in July 2015 and opened in February 2016. Boston Rhythmic Westborough was opened one year later, in February 2018. We are the largest school on the east coast, but in our hearts, we are still a tight-knit family business. Our staff are like family, our clients are like friends. We care about personal connection, and strive to build real community. From preschool classes to high-level competitive gymnastics, we have a place for everyone to come and enjoy the beautiful sport of rhythmic gymnastics in a fun and productive environment, under the guidance of creative, happy coaches. The Boston Rhythmic and Rhythmic Dreams vision is based on innovation, outside the box thinking, and top notch training. We strive to offer the best experience possible for each gymnast in our school. We want your gymnast to grow in confidence, learn things they have never tried before, and leave our gyms proud. 73 www. ceotodaymagazine . com Founde r & Exe cut ive Di re c tor, Bos ton Rhythmi c W W W W . B O S T O N R H Y T H M I C . C O M USA

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