CEO Today Global Awards 2022

failures with resiliency and determination to keep going. Support from loved ones and a balanced schedule really helps entrepreneurs maintain health and wellness. The vision will include your desire for profit, but the process should be driven by intentions of helping our planet and our clients succeed. The financial gains will come as a result of prioritising those two components. Adoption of a revolutionary technology has less resistance if it enters the market at a reasonable cost with a universal fit. This requires a lot of work with suppliers and distribution networks to sell the story of the invention with a promise of profits once it hits the market in its full commercial capacity. Treat your suppliers like your clients and you will find exponential growth easier to manage, as you will be their priority every time. Now that your company has sold to a major distributor, what is your role there? In addition to supporting the development and growth of Q2 products, my team of experienced engineers meets with individuals and companies who bring innovative products and solutions for artificial lift companies. We review their ideas and products, providing recommendations for growth or an offer to work with Q2. Q2 ALS is the largest private artificial lift company in the world and continually looks for innovate products to provide a technical advantage over our competition, building relationships of technical trust with our clients. We supply pump solutions for every major oil company in the world. What is the Charitable Chuckwagon? A retired rancher used to tow around a big trailer BBQ on the west side of Calgary for local community events. As you may know, Calgary is home of the Calgary Stampede, a 10-day event famous for rodeos and the world’s greatest outdoor show on earth. 7 1 www. ceotodaymagazine . com USA Several years ago, I borrowed the rancher’s BBQ and organised a stampede breakfast in my neighbourhood, donating the proceeds to local charities. This event grew each year, becoming an anticipated event. My brother and I bought the BBQ from the rancher, with the condition that we only use the trailer BBQ for community non-profit events. We fixed it up and, naming it the Charitable Chuckwagon, towed it around for over 13 years. The last event hosted 1,500 people and was run by 100 volunteers, yielding thousands of dollars for local charities. The charitable chuckwagon BBQ trailer developed a life of its own, feeding many charitable events and creating a great sense of togetherness and community spirit. Can you tell us about a recent accomplishment outside of work? My friend and I bought a ranch in the mountains and have finished building a log cabin after three years of peeling logs, milling wood and pulling splinters. Building something with your own two hands is very gratifying. Perched in a beautiful mountain valley with a river running through the property, the activities there include fly fishing, horseback riding and catching up with friends and family, with very few distractions. What are the next steps for your career? Wait until you see what we are filing patents on next! It will truly change how people pump oil out of the ground – lower cost, higher oil production and huge reductions in environmental emissions. Our new artificial lift system will be announced in the fall of 2022. It is going to be amazing!

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