CEO Today Global Awards 2022

aiblock is a blockchain based and ai powered payment and digital lifestyle platform that allows consumers to gather and connect all the dots of the digital life in one secure place. Since starting out a decade ago, Paiblock, based in Denmark, has provided a multiservice platform, in acknowledgement of a broader range of services in data-driven banking, payments, cryptocurrency and NFTs trading, and identity credentials management. Payments and data-driven banking Paiblock unique value proposition cuts across the increasing need to understand and manage debt, investments and savings in ways that are effective on the one hand, and the high demand for automated end-to-end processes that can help unlock new insights that allow consumers to understand their options, on the other hand. The platform lets users access their checking, savings and mortgage accounts, view and share balance and transaction history, and send money to friends and families around the world. Paiblock offers retail banking customers a bank agnostic platform that is supercharging retail banking experience by providing consumers with: - a better overview of their finances, across banks and countries, - a seamless way to access current, mortgage and savings accounts, - Intuitive tools to understand and manage student loans and credit card debt more effectively, - a portability that enables users to share a readonly view of balance and account history with accounting and law firms, - a digital assistant that allows consumers to make smarter decisions about saving, spending, borrowing and investing. Identity credentials management Identity credential manager is a native feature in Paiblock, that allows users to conveniently store a wide range of identity credentials on the platform. This is including but not limited to loyalty cards, payment cards, driving license, social security cards and passports, supporting the global shift to a more digital lifestyle. Paiblock also enables governmental and non governmental organisations to push government IDs and credentials into users’ wallets using the OpenWallet API. The OpenWallet Push feature is currently supporting government-issued e-invoices, ID cards, biometric passports, social security cards, vaccination cards with medical records, voter’s cards, residence permits, library cards, driving licenses and visas. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs trading Paiblock allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, digital arts and collectibles, while also providing among the most affordable minting services for digital artists. An artist can mint 900 works for just $1. Moreover, the company takes commission only if the work ends up selling. Paiblock also hosts two sets of collectibles itself: CryptoPops and CryptoPandas. The company’s decade of experience in building capabilities and talents to sustain continuous innovation and execution beyond initial proof of concept and business, has contributed to Paiblock becoming a global brand, and thereby achieving a leading market position with a wide range of digital services and 12 millions universal wallets in use in 108 countries, Paiblock is built on four pillars: a highly personalised customer experience, a robust and secure digital environment, an easy to use app, and an engaging user journey from start to finish, making it easier and convenient to interact with banks, stores and governments in a way that is seamless, social and secure. 48 www. ceotodaymagazine . com CEO Today Gl oba l Awa rds 202 2 Founde r & CEO, Pa ib l o ck Mark Arthur P Paiblock is a digital lifestyle platform that helps you gather all the digital dots in one secure place. W W W . P A I B L O C K . A P P

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