CEO Today Global Awards 2022

45 www. ceotodaymagazine . com Uni ted Kingdom In what ways are you tapping into these trends at Neuven? At Neuven Group, we are determined not only to ensure that we are on top of the key trends in the staffing sector, but to set the trend and be trailblazers. Neuven Solutions are currently investing millions of pounds into our technology platforms and we are incredibly excited at the impact they are certain to have. I truly believe they will be disruptive in their impact and will set the bar even higher. We know our clients want us to go deeper into the sourcing, recruitment and management of non-permanent staff, both direct and through agency providers, so our upgraded platforms will do exactly that and will be incredibly intuitive and flexible whilst being a major support in managing all types of talent pools. Additionally, compliance and accountability are becoming more and more important. This has seen Neuven Consult develop several new service models, including Bid Management and Training alongside our traditional Audit function. This allows us to provide employers with real comfort and reassurance. It is vitally important that someone being supplied into an intensive care theatre is fully qualified and has had all experience and qualifications ratified correctly. Neuven Consult do this and with the advent of new technology to support the team, this will become more and more effective. But more important than the technology are the people. We are investing heavily in our colleagues, and they are the lifeblood of everything that we try to achieve. Our success is totally down to this incredibly skilled and dedicated group of people we have managed to assemble. By combining our talent with state-of-the-art technology, we will stay ahead of the trend and deliver exactly what our clients require. What motivates you to achieve success for your clients? The day you stop being motivated to deliver excellence to your clients, then it is time to stop. I am as enthusiastic today about providing an ever-developing service to our clients as I was when we first started Neuven. Getting feedback telling us that our people and technology are delighting our clients is the biggest buzz I can get. I love watching our team display the same passion and desire to succeed, as much today as it ever has done. It is something that has always coursed through Neuven. It is in our DNA. I am also fiercely proud of our reputation for total honesty and transparency. I would rather go to bed with a clear conscience than with the feeling we have something to hide that will probably come out later, as it always seems to do. It is not the Neuven way and never will be. So, to keep pushing the boundaries and to keep delivering excellence for our clients is a major motivator for me. Lastly, I am also extremely passionate about doing the right things for our colleagues. They are incredible and the DNA we have developed is carried on by each recruit who joins the Neuven family. They make me proud daily, and I owe it to them to keep trying to provide them with opportunities and development. I want people to enjoy working for us and striving for that is a neverending objective. Is there a personal motto or creed that you follow? I would like to say that my personal motto is to do everything to the best of my ability and with honesty. I am proud that Neuven as a company follow that creed and although it may give you less short-term profit at times, I believe we get rewarded with long-term business relationships that are built on trust. I would also say that I am driven more by the fear of failure than the joy of success. This can mean that I do not enjoy our wins as much as I should, but it also means that I am constantly looking to protect Neuven and my colleagues. I feel a strong responsibility to them and that means that I will not take any decisions that could put their livelihoods at risk. I will never forget the sacrifices that some of my colleagues made to join Neuven when it was just a ‘good idea’. They trusted the project and they trusted me, I promised them that I would never take a financial risk that put their jobs in danger. I managed to do that back then and that has set the tone for the business ever since. What aspirations do you have for the future of your business? I am still super ambitious for Neuven. We have grown remarkably and profitably over the past 10 years and received awards to mark this success; I am determined that this journey should continue. We will generate turnover of around £750 million this financial year and one of our next aims is to hit the magic £1 billion. We are looking to take all our solutions global and are in discussion with several international prospective clients. I also love seeing colleagues fulfil their ambitions, so I want to see as many as possible appointed to senior positions within the company and we will invest in them to make sure this happens consistently. We want to keep scoring highly in our internal colleague surveys and learn from what we are being told by our most valued asset: our people. Despite being a software solutions provider, I am determined to ensure we always remember that Neuven is not about the technology; it is all about the people. The day you stop being motivated to deliver excellence to your clients, then it is time to stop.

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