CEO Today Global Awards 2022

thing about AIVIA is that it is all-natural and all-clean... and it tastes great! I was surprised to find that I am using the protein every day now. My secret is that I take one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of vanilla to get a smooth creamy blend with either almond milk or oat milk. We actually have a number of athletes who are using the new nutrition line – they said they had maxed out on their workouts, then started using AIVIA and managed to break through. You do not have to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne Johnson workout type of person; it is useful for weekend warriors, people who just want to get a great workout whether by themselves or in a high intensity workout class. But it is also quite excellent for elderly users who need to maintain muscle mass, so it is a phenomenal product across the spectrum for a broad range of consumers. What other developments might be in store for Nature’s Sunshine and yourself? There is a lot going on. One of the most exciting things we are working on is our personalisation program, which is designed to help consumers improve their health by having a fully personalised regimen of products tailored specifically to them. Nature’s Sunshine is uniquely positioned to help support consumers’ individual needs because we make over 600 products – herbs, supplements, minerals, vitamins and blends that we manufacture. So we literally have something for everybody! When you start putting those in the right combinations for different people, you can really help them out with their health. Our personalisation program takes those products and pre-packages them for the consumer in morning, afternoon and evening “smart packs” as we call them. They come in a roll from a nice box – you can just rip off all three and take them with you for the day. Imagine: no more sorting your pills, checking which you bought, taking stock of the size of your supply or remembering to re-buy. It just comes automatically. If you want to change your regimen – say you are training for a marathon – you can do it automatically. It is really a powerful program. Again, all of the regimens are personalised, but all of the materials we use are personalized as well, which creates a better customer experience. We are really excited for the program and helping people to get healthier and live a better life with them. Another exciting thing that we are doing is launching a new professional line of products under the brand of Nutribiome Professional. That is a full range of products using the latest ingredients and clean technology to help people manage their health. There are some 30 to 40 products in the range in a variety of forms, including drinks, protein and fortified foods, as well as some targeted products to help people who need to address specific health needs. That is an exciting product line that will launch later in 2022 and then expand out through 2023 and 2024. So we are really looking forward to that one. Is there anything else that you would like to add? I just think it is a great time to be part of Nature’s Sunshine. 2022 is our 50th anniversary, and being at the head of the first company to encapsulate herbs is an incredible honour. We are not looking back on the last 50 years; we are looking to reimagine our business for the next 50 years, to become the nutritional supplement company of the future. We believe we are putting all the building blocks in place to lead the industry in a new direction. 41 www. ceotodaymagazine . com USA As an incoming CEO, you want to identify two or three potential growth vectors that you can pursue.

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