CEO Today Global Awards 2022

29 www. ceotodaymagazine . com Poland CEO & Co -Founde r, Bl oobe r Team SA Bl oobe r Team SA, Cys te rsów 9, 31-553 Kraków, Po l and Te l : +48 1 2 35 38 555 | Fax : +48 1 2 35 93 934 | piot rb@bloober team. com Piotr Babieno y name is Piotr Babieno, CEO and co-founder of the Bloober Team. The company focuses on creating mature horror video games with a deep story and an eerie atmosphere, key ingredients of a chilling and memorable experience. Bloober Team is the largest European developer of horror games and creator of worldwide bestsellers Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch and The Medium. In January 2018 we received the Paszport Polityki award in the ‘Digital Culture’ category, and in June 2021 we began a partnership with industry veterans Konami to jointly share technology and cooperate on game development. We would like to become a leader of horror as a whole genre in upcoming years. A selection of Bloober Team’s psychological horror best-selling and award-winning projects; Blair Witch, The Medium and Observer. M Can you tell us a little about what led you to found Bloober Team in 2008? It was the result of many years of work. Before Bloober Team there was Nibris, which was founded by myself and Piotr Bielatowicz in 2006. We were already aiming to create high-quality horror games at that time. The first project of Nibris was Sadness – a unique horror game with exceptional black and white graphics. We created a critically acclaimed trailer for the title, but ultimately the project was discarded, as we had to find funding for our next projects. Finally, we decided to work with Satus Ventures, but there was a catch: because of certain regulations we had to create another company. We called it Bloober Team, which was intended to be a transitional name as we were developing a game titled Double Bloob. As you know, it stayed with us to this day. What would you say are the greatest challenges you have overcome since those early years? There were many great challenges, all of which tested different parts of the Bloober Team’s vision. From my point of view, the most crucial

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