CEO Today Global Awards 2022

Perseverance is the Key to Success Finding her path was easy; the difficult part was leaving the surety of her lecturing job at the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE). “When I started as an educational entrepreneur, I had no business knowledge, an overdraft of R20,000 to fund my business, an Honours Degree in Music, the will to succeed, and the vision to create a global business in education,” says Lili. “And 28 years later, my dreams have come true. With the launch of eCUBE ONLINE, we are now a global player offering education worldwide.” Lili has also faced many obstacles over the 28 years it took to create the successful educational business she has today. “When you are an entrepreneur it’s not all smooth sailing; bad things happen, there are some very tough times and lonely times when you run your own business,” says Lili. “When you start becoming successful, suddenly people who never supported you want a piece of it. You learn very quickly who your true support system is and your strength of self,” says Lili. Strength of Character “When you first start out on your entrepreneurial journey you are excited and the opportunities are endless,” explains Lili. “However, you need to be ready to face some difficult situations and overcome tough barriers to get to where you ultimately want to be.” “If being an entrepreneur was easy, everyone would be one. To be an entrepreneur you need to have the strength of character to stay true to your goals and not take no for an answer.” 26 www. ceotodaymagazine . com CEO Today Gl oba l Awa rds 202 2 Adapt to Change and Keep Going “Change is inevitable. As an entrepreneur you need to embrace your ever-changing business environment and be flexible enough to turn it into an opportunity for growth. Pivot the business, expand, grow, and innovate to stay relevant. “A good example of this which I have experienced in my career is the impact technology has had on my business – which is why I launched eCUBE ONLINE.” Lili reminds us that quitting should never be an option: “Twenty-eight years ago, I started an educational business based on my passion for teaching music and math, which turned into an education success story. All of which would not have existed today if I had stopped when I thought I had reached the top.” Future Ventures and Plans “E-Squared Education Enterprises is working steadily as part of the global GeniusU group to become a globally accessible education platform. “The CEO Today Awards 2022 will give global recognition to E-Squared Education Enterprises, which will boost our global status. I am honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award. In this coming year we will deepen our commitment to innovation and change in education via our global online growth plans.” For children growing up in the digital age, technology provides a powerful platform on which to play, socialise and learn.

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