CEO Today Global Awards 2022

(a private higher education institute). The organisation continues to innovate with the 2020 launch of its international online company, eCUBE Online. E-Squared Education Enterprises has secured global partnerships with Durham University, the Entrepreneurship Institute and Genius U, as well as being the only Microsoft partner in the Eastern Cape. These collaborations, together with cutting edge technology available at the Campus and a value system aligned with the 17 self-sustainable goals of the United Nations, are the core strength and focus which grounds Lili’s private education institution. Successful alumni have excelled both nationally and internationally – from soccer players in Belgium to athletes in the London Olympic Games and opera singers in New York. On top of this, Lili launched the Rara Avis Foundation out of her strongly-held belief that education should not be about teaching learners in order to make money, but instead to strive to make money in order to provide a consistent learning platform. More than 35 million rands were donated to deserving learners and students via the Rara Avis Foundation in the past 28 years by supportive partners, trusts, donors, foundations and directors of E-Squared Education. 23 www. ceotodaymagazine . com South Af r i ca E-Squared also seeks to become the world’s foremost education centre and an Institution which creates entrepreneurs who are job creators, not job seekers. CEO, E-Squared Educat i on Ente r pr i s e s 1 Govan Mbeki Avenue , Cent ra l Por t El i zabe th, 6001 T: +2 7 082 570 0448 | l i l in@e - square . co . za | www. e - square . co . za www. rara -avi s . org | www. e cubeonl ine . com | www. l i l ibouwe rni emann . com Lilian Niemann ili Niemann, founder and CEO of E-Squared Education Enterprises, is a dedicated and passionate educational entrepreneur who is driving change in South Africa via education. She fulfils many roles as a businesswoman, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, art lover, avid reader, agent of change, mother of two and grandmother of one, and beneficiary of over 37,000 students. Lili obtained an Honours Degree in Music in the late 70s and was lecturing Music at Nelson Mandela University when she had her vision to start Ed-U College Port Elizabeth Saturday School at the dawn of the new democracy in South Africa. Without any formal business degree, MBA, HR or sales and marketing qualification – but with an abundance of passion, creativity, energy and enthusiasm and the support of her family, she excelled. She has survived an extremely tough education entrepreneurship journey as CEO of E-Squared Education Enterprises for 28 years. E-Squared Education Enterprises is a worldclass education organisation that creates entrepreneurs. Today, it has educated more than 37 000 students ranging in age from 6 to 80 across its various educational entities: Ed-U College Port Elizabeth Schools (pre-primary, primary and high schools); Ed-U Options Academy (a private vocational college) and Ed-U City Campus L

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