CEO Today Global Awards 2022

we operate in will be our major goal for the future. We have already built a scalable product and a team that has very few silos and can work towards shared goals with unbelievable effectiveness. Now it is about offering customers more, continuing to expand and localise internationally, and even testing out new use cases in parallel markets in streaming and elsewhere. What steps have you taken towards extending your offering? We introduced users to AnyDesk 7.0, which provided more privacy protections, upgraded performance, and created a UI that users love. We also just launched a new channel partners program, expanded to the Asia Pacific region, and raised a $70 million funding round led by legendary VC General Atlantic to fuel more growth and additional features. 13 www. ceotodaymagazine . com Germany On a personal note, is there a certain thing that you feel you could not live without? Negative liberty, meaning that you are in complete control of your own life and no one can force rules on to you. What motivates you toward success? The limitless potential and excitement of building a company that is truly international and helping steer the ship to have many different teams work towards a single goal. With many users in many different markets, once you reach a certain milestone it is simply an indicator of additional potential, and that is just by achieving a small portion of the strategic objectives. If you had to give a piece of advice to an aspiring tech CEO, what would it be? Read as many different books as you possibly can. Not only fiction, but also history books, and always try to think critically. Even the motivations of the characters in a novel can teach us about interpersonal relationships, and technical books can help the reader judge if a solution in their own work, even if vastly different, is good or bad. Expanding both the product itself and the markets we operate in will be our major goal for the future. W W W . A N Y D E S K . C O M

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