CEO Today Global Awards

KLH ® SINCE 1997 KLH Massivholz GmbH has been operating on the market for more than 20 years. Our company belongs to Johann Offner Group, a more than 250 years old family owned company, operating in 8th generation. KLH is one of the biggest manufacturers in world-leading position. Currently KLH Massivholz GmbH is producing 125,000 m3 a year. This capacity will double when opening another plant by mid of 2020. We have pioneered the manufacture of cross- laminated timber (KLH® or CLT in English) and have developed the product in cooperation with the Technical University of Graz in 1996 that eventually led to the CLT production on an industrial scale in 1999. The development of CLT has provided a very new dimension to timber construction and timber engineering. KLH Massivholz GmbH operates internationally on all continents - producing and selling large format solid timber panels for mass timber construction as an engineered timber product for wall-, floor- and roof elements all across the globe. So far, we have served CLT for more than 30,000 projects in all categories such as single-family houses, multi- residential buildings, social housing, schools and kindergartens, student accommodation, but also public projects such as commercial, offices and even hospitals. CUSTOMER- AND SOLUTION ORIENTED The company concentrates on its core competencies, providing in addition to CLT elements a wide range of services for architects, planners, building construction firms but also private and public investors. We consider ourselves not just as a manufacturer, but also rather as a project partner and a partner of property developers. For us, being a project partner and conduct characterized by long lasting partnership are not just empty phrases but integral parts of our philosophy. FOLLOWING THE ENVIRONMENT Timber is naturally carbon-neutral and energy- efficient in every respect. Construction with KLH® is therefore a valuable contribution to climate and environmental protection. In the production of KLH® solid timber panels, we focus on contemporary, energy saving and environmentally friendly production methods. Our EPDconveys all relevant environmental impacts of the KLH® - CLT panels and outlines these in a transparent, independent and comprehensible way. It´s based on well-founded data, verified by a third party (IBU) and thus forming an important basis for sustainable assessments such as BREEAM, LEEDS, GREEN STAR RATING and others. THE SECOND PLANT The annual production capacity of approx. 250,000 m³ KLH® panels and the latest production technology used in the new plant will not only safeguard our competitiveness but also allow us to increase our market shares and create new demands due to product development. CEO Today Global Awards 2020 AUSTRIA 19 About Sonja Moder Sonja Moder is Director of Business Development, Head of International Project Management and Chief of Marketing Department at KLH Massivholz GmbH. She has joined the company in 1999, when KLH started to manufacture CLT. Due to her many year´s international experience Sonja had an essential role in the development of KLH corporate identity, in company´s strategy and in creating a strong brand. As an expert in the field of CLT, she is being often invited as a keynote speaker to a various wood industry events and conferences worldwide. Previously, Sonja Moder served as a manager at one of the largest furniture retailers in the world for many years. Prior to this, she was a business consultant and teaching in business schools.

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